Crappy Monday

Well, it hasn’t been that crappy of a Monday, but still. It hasn’t gone the way that I wanted too. It saw me staying at work late cause my boss was waiting for a ride to the 49ers game. Then traffic was a bitch all the way home. In order to salvage the day, I decided to skip going to the gym (yet again) and headed to Krispy Kreme and pick up a 1/2 dozen. Also got some chocolate milk to make sure that I would get out of the mood that I was in. Yes, Krispy Kreme for dinner; mom would be proud of me. Finished off three so far (Glazed, Key Lime, and Devil Food); there is a Sour cream one sitting in front of me with the chocolate milk, just waiting for me to down them with glee. However two new variables seem to be joining forces in order to stop me from my feast. I am feeling really fat right now; it feels like my love handles have grown and are drooping down my body. I know that I am just imagining it, however I am refusing to actually grab the handles or to look down at them. The 2nd, and more deadly of the enemies happen to be my teeth. It is not a paralyzing pain, just a flash to let me know what I am doing my injesting all of this sugar.

It is an epic struggle. Wonder who will win.