Cloudy Halloween

I guess it rained/hailed last night or this morning; I was listening to it while huddled in my bed. Driving to work, saw a nice size rainbow in the sky. Rainbows represent hope for the future, right? Wait, isn’t the rainbow the pact between man and God that God will never flood the earth? Anyway, I think I am going to look at it has a sign of hope for the future.

Well, all of my journal entries for the last 3 years are online and in one place. I still need to go through and delete duplicate entries and try to fix as many pictures and links that I can. It’s a good/bad thing that everything is in one location. Memories can heal and memories can hurt.

Took the guys out to breakfast this morning; later this evening, going out to Buca de Beppo with Amanda and Kathy (maybe Amber P. too) No serious partying or anything since Amanda’s foot is not well. Man I am going to be so full tonight.

Think I had a dream about a journal entry that I wanted to enter, however I can’t remember all of the details of the post. It is more of a night time/
rainy night post anyway.

O.K. Mark is slowly destroying the warehouse. Guess I should get up and say something to him…