.I have no money, but I must spend

Why is it when I know I don’t have any money is when I get the urge to go shopping. And when I do have money and try to spend it, I can’t.

Website is coming along somewhat. Trying to keep the momentum going. Who know, maybe I’ll be done by the end of the month or something.

Anyway, what do I want. I want a new cell phone via AT&T online (they have instant rebates as oppose to mail in). Also want a new computer, or at least a quieter case. I want ice cream and cookies and cereal. I want a gym membership that I will rarely use. I want a new video card so that I can hook up my PS2 to my monitor and play DDR (Although it would probably be easier and cheaper just to buy a TV.)

Yawn….should get to sleep. Have to go in and talk to Brian in the afternoon.