.Long lost happiness and anger

So, I’m just minding my own business online and I get this IM ” Pssssssst” from Aleksmama4915. So first I’m thinking, “Not another porn IM” and I go to block the user. But there is something about the name and then it hits me, it’s my friend Stephanie. I haven’t seen Stephanie for about 2 years now; the last time we saw each other, we spent the day At Lagoon Valley Park in Vacaville with her son chasing after lizards. (I think I was waiting for Suzanne to get out of the Ren Faire.)

Anyway, I had to get her off line and talk to her in person on the phone. **sigh** OMG, Steph and I were such good friends back in the day in Vacaville. She seems to be doing well, living out in the Central Valley with her son. She told me he has just started
kindergarten this year. That just floored me; all of my friend’s children are
growing up so fast. So we talked for about 45mins. catching up on stuff. I def. have to go out and see her, her son, and their goats (even if it meant crossing 2-3
mountain/hills and travel in the Valley to see her.

Also brought up someone else who I really hate. And this is hate for what that
person did ages ago. It’s actually surprising that I still have this hate for this person. And there really isn’t anything I can do about what he did, it’s not my problem at all or anything. But if I ever saw this person walking down the street, I would have to go up to that person and beat the living shit out of them. It would be a matter of honor, I think.

**fumes** just looking at this person has me riled up. I need to punch something…