.20 of Joe’s Multiple Personalities Agree…

If you are trying to goto the beach at 3pm in the afternoon, you should just turn around.

The traffic that you are sitting in now; it goes on for MILES. And you know that Hwy 1 is mostly a two lane road.

Why couldn’t you get you ass up earlier? You knew that it was going to hot on Sat. You had to know that you weren’t the only one that was going to the beach. What were you thinking.

Don’t even think about taking the other routes, they are just has clogged up as this one.

Just turn around, stop by Target and pick up an inflatable pool, blow it up and stick it in the living room, pull the litter box over for some sand, and enjoy.

Yes, this is probably the last hot weekend that we are going to have; the last good day to goto the beach. And you missed it cause you couldn’t get your ass out of bed. Oh well, maybe next year.

[Listening to: Back & Forth – Aaliyah – I Care 4 U [Bonus DVD] Disc 1 (03:50)]