.revenge of the Chicken Salad sandwich

I can only think that the Chicken Salad sandwich that I had from Piccolo’s was the reason for my earlier mood. Now that I slept off the sandwich, the moon is starting to take over and I am starting to feel
antsy and horny. **sigh** My room will def. get clean tonight, however, I am going to be a mess for the manager’s meeting tomorrow.

Momentum is also moving me to going out and getting applications for a weekend job somewhere. Barbara has yet to find a new job, an I worry about her odds at finding one,
esp. without computer training. I suggested again that she goes back to school and take a class in Excel, but she said no. I really don’t know of any company that still does their books using
column pads. Also the fact that she hasn’t found a roommate for the empty room is worrying. I honestly expected her to find someone by now. I guess I shouldn’t panic yet, but I think that a 2nd job will be great to get some extra income in so that I will have money to move again, just in case.

Anyway, the cam is on, focused on my messy room. Will get to cleaning it…eventually. Also have some work that I should look over. Def. have a work email that I need to finish tonight. Def. still pissed at Samsung for not calling me back about my monitor.
[Listening to: Little Star – Madonna – Ray of Light (05:18)]