The Book of Fabulous Questions: Questions of Habit

Do you sing in the shower?

Of course I have sung in the shower; who hasn’t?

Now, I don’t sing in the shower all the time, and I don’t belt out tunes at the top of my voice when I sing.

Usually I just sing pop songs that are in my head. And I think I usually lean towards ballads, since the shower has the
acoustics to make me sound better than I really am. On occasion, I’ll either come up with my own song or rewrite the words to another song. When I come up with my own stuff, it is usually just a couple of notes/lines or maybe a chorus. And when I rewrite songs, it is usually in response to what the artist
has wrote/sung. So if the singer is a female, and she is singing about some guy, then I pretend I am the guy singing a response back to her.

Sometimes, I wonder if I could ever have been a singer. I know has a child, I was in a couple of choirs, church stuff mostly, and people commented on my voice. And I thought about trying out for the school choir, but I never did. Lost
opportunity? Maybe. Could I have been the next superstar. Probably a minor star at the most; a one hit wonder maybe.

I do remember one night that I was out with April in our neighborhood in Vacaville. It was like 2-3am in the morning, and we were laying down on the sidewalk next to a streetlight, and we talked about singing in general. She taught me some basic stuff, like singing from your stomach, and not from your throat. That was a good lesson that I still remember today, and I try to push air out with my stomach. But sometimes, there are some song that I thing that need to come from the throat, you know, regardless of the sore throat you’ll have later.