Friday Five for August 29, 2003

1. Are you going to school this year?
I do not think that I am going to school this year. I might take a night class at one of the community colleges later in the semester, but most likely I won’t sign up until next year.

2. If yes, where are you going (high school, college, etc.)? If no, when did you graduate? I graduated from San Francisco State University last year (gawd, it has only been a year…) with a Bachelor’s Degree In History.

3. What are/were your favorite school subjects? History and Asian Studies were my favorite classes.

4. What are/were your least favorite school subjects? Math and Science were my least favorite classes with the exception of Mathematical Ideas. That had to be the greatest math class I have ever taken.

5. Have you ever had a favorite teacher? Why was he/she a favorite? I guess that would have to be Professor Tygel or Professor Hsu. They were my advisors and helped me out alot. They also put up with me, and for that I am eternally grateful.

[Listening to: Never Is a Promise – Fiona Apple – Tidal (05:55)