.crying in the eye of the storm

Just to remind everybody who reads this (that means all two of you), the next two weeks are back to school weeks and I will be busy at work. So if I’m short on the phone or don’t answer back your emails or phone calls, that’s the reason…

Decided to sneak in a rare update while it is slow. Not too busy today, considering it is the first day of school. Tues/Thurs are always more brutal anyway; however, I expected it to be busier than this. Expecting it to pick up in an hour or so.

Yet another night of me not getting any sleep. I mean, I’m use to getting little sleep, but this is almost a week of going to sleep around 4-5 in the morning and waking up at 8-8:30a.m. I really need to get a full 8 hours or more of sleep. I know what is keeping me up at night, well, one of the things anyway. Nothing I can do about it though. Will try some sleepy time tea tonight when I get home and see if that will help. Otherwise I might have to bust out the Nyquil. Maybe I should take Tim’s suggestion and get a bottle of Vodka or some alcohol to knock me out.

Turned on my computer this morning to check the news and read emails. The monitor didn’t/wouldn’t come on. Didn’t have time to take a look at it. I’m hoping that it was just a fluke and that it is still working. Of course, the warranty expired just a couple of months ago, along with all the other parts of the computer.
Luckily, there is a spare monitor that I can borrow from work. Hoping that if it is broken, that it is just the monitor, and not the video card or the motherboard (it had better not be the hard drive!). Just one more step closer to getting a new computer…

Diet has gone out the window today with the Sourdough Jack that I had. **sigh** the 49’er and Raider Jack balls were too tempting of an offer.

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  1. They are! Sometimes I just order a sandwich I like and ask for sourdough bread, like I did today to my breakfast sandwich that I got.

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