.car wash blues

Got the car washed, however it took more energy than necessary to get it washed.

When back to the DIY car wash in Pacifica and there was no lines or cars. Found out that two of the booths were out, but no problem. Also found out that the change machine was out, so I went to the cafe next door to get some change. Had to buy a $2.50 ice cream to get $4 in quarters, but at least the ice cream was good. Go back to the car wash and the stupid machines are not taking my quarters. I take a look at the machine and see that it only takes dollar tokens.

So I’m trying to figure out where to take my car to get washed. There is a DIY place by where I work, but I didn’t want to drive all the way to work. And I wanted to get my car cleaned tonight. So, I remember that there is another car wash at the other end of Pacifica. I head over there to find out that it is closed for renovations. Gah! So I remember one more play, that is in Daly City and I head over there.

The car wash in Daly City is open and accepts quarters, however the time for the hoses is shorter than the ones in Pacifica. I barely got the whole car clean with the quarters that I had, I was able to rinse off most of the soap. However, I did not get the car as cleaned has I wanted too, esp. around the tire rims. And I didn’t have any money to
vacuum it either (will do it at work tomorrow if it is slow or after work if I am up to it). Was cleaning the inside, which def. needed cleaning, when this car wash closed. So I had to drive back home to finish cleaning. Still, it is a pretty good clean job. The windows were so dirty; I don’t know how I drove with them like that. So now I just need to
vacuum the insides. I think I def. want to get some seat covers and some new floor mats, it’s just the matter of finding the right ones. Do I want something to match the color of the car, or should I just tiger stripe all of the inside?

[Listening to: I’m Qualified to Satisfy You – Barry White – All Time Greatest Hits (03:12)]