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Amy is the latest recipient of the Joe Pie Delivery service. Was going to deliver it last week, but with the trip, I pushed it to this week. Went back to San Leandro for the first time in about….3 years. I think the last time I was in the town is when Dan/Jen/Drake still lived there. So many things have changed since I last lived there, what 10 years ago. I had a
weird feeling too, the kind of feeling I used to get when I went back to Vacaville to visit and would wonder who I would run into from high school or Solano. It was a ridiculous feeling to have, since I doubt that anyone would remember me,
esp. with my new haircut. Anyway Amy’s pie of choice was Lemon Merange(sp?) and I know that it put a smile on Amy’s face.
[Listening to: Vogue [Single Version] – Madonna – Vogue (04:24)]

One thought on “.more pie

  1. It really did and it is REALLY GOOD. makes me want to bring some of it to you so you can try it too. Thanks so much again. I really wanna hang out with you more again soon.
    PS wish you coulda been at the game tonight too :/ it wasn’t all that fancy but it was exciting. It was just lower-level box or something… We were by 3rd base waaayyy over behind the foul pole.

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