.What Not To Wear

Went out and watched What Not To Wear on TLC. The show’s concept is that you are given $5000 to spend on a new wardrobe and they get a new hairdo and makeover. Tonight’s episode featured soccer
, how wasn’t bad looking to begin with, But after the shopping and the makeover, wow! I think that I would have the same problem that Ann had in regards to getting rid of all of my clothes and then going out with $5000 to buy a new wardrobe. O.K., I wouldn’t have a problem spending it :-). My wardrobe problem is that I wear dark colors all the time; black and blue esp. I also wear alot of baggy clothes to hide my small gut/love handles and I have very little formal wear. Granted, I work in a warehouse, so I don’t need anything fancy. Well, once I win the lottery
tomorrow, I will be able to find out how it feels to spend $5000 on clothes.
[Listening to: It’s Not Up to You – Björk – Vespertine (05:09)]