.Happy 10,000 miles

Totally forgot that my car reached the 10,000 mark this weekend. Has it already been 10,000 miles. IT seems only yesterday that I was rolling off of the lot with her. **sigh**. Well, I have a whole bunch of stuff to do; def. need to make an appointment for a 10,000 check up. And the car really needs a good cleaning inside and out. I might also buy some kind of
accessory for her; nothing fancy, maybe some seat and floor covers or something. **sniff** My baby growing up so fast (well tech, it’s our baby, but I have full custody…)

While I was helping Barbara bring in the rest of her Coke (which I have to remember to take a picture of tomorrow), saw the moon out. It was very hypnotic looking, esp. with the clouds flying past it. Thought about taking a walk to the beach, but held off; perhaps I’ll go sometime this weekend.

[Listening to: Unchained Melody – The Platters – The Platters’ Greatest Hits (05:00)]