.catch up

Been trying to catch up on some things on the computer email and such. Also had to do some work that I brought home. Had to play with Excel; unfortunately, I only have a basic understanding of it. It was enough to get the job done, however it reminds me that I should goto City College or to Skyline and take a class or two this semester.

Still can’t believe the day that I had at work. It wasn’t too bad, but this whole week is shot to hell. Amy called me with tickets to the Giants game tomorrow, and I had to decline. I think they were club level tickets too. 🙁 Damn work responsibility. I’m hoping that I can get things done by Friday, but I have a feeling that I will need to come in on Sat to finish things.
Basically he have to rearrange most of the warehouse to accommodate the merchandise coming in so it can all fit. While we are doing this, I won’t be able to
receive stuff. And I already have a backlog of paperwork that I’ve been waiting for the GM department to get online. Added to that, I need to get the fall work schedule put together so they can figure it into the budget. Blah, I say.

Haven’t had time to touch any of the books that I checked out from the library. They were all really good, just haven’t been able to get back into them. I’ll give it another week before I return them.

[Listening to: Daytime Friends – Kenny Rogers – Greatest Country Hits (03:10)]