Still have a block when it comes to the site. While walking along the beach, one idea that popped up was to do some kind of water-based theme; mix in some pictures of the beach, surfer, and such. And while having a ocean/timeless theme would be interesting, it doesn’t seem like the right thing to do since I hate water. So back to the drawing board I guess.
I really don’t want to goto work tomorrow, however Tim is off, so I have to go. poop. Have to goto the gym tomorrow also. Or will I hide out at work until late, in order to come home and to hideout in my room. **sigh** Amber does have a point that I will never find anyone new if I don’t start going out. Except that I don’t want to find anyone new, I want what I had before. Hmmm, O.K. scratch that one too. What I want is to get to know the new person that the old person has become. I want an emotional attachment, preferably a romantic and loving one, but even to hate would be better than what I have now, wouldn’t it.
What I need is….what I need is to turn off the computer, finish the book that I’m reading, and goto sleep.