Still feeling quasi-sick; just can’t shake the blah feeling out of my stomach. Hoping/Praying that it will go away tomorrow. and that I will feel better by Monday.

Thinking about my diet; I eat way too many carbohydrates to ever go on the
Atkins plan. I hardly eat anything else but rice, bread, and pasta. Anyway, plan is to goto the Park Merced gym after work 3 times a week and work my way up. Until they catch on to my scheme and disable my card, that is.

New web site ideas are non-existent right now. There is a vague sense of what I want to do (or attempt to do), however it is still just an idea hovering in the back of my mind right now. Hoping that I can pull it out and onto paper sometime this week.

**sigh** Guess I should talk about the Giants game. I was in a mood that day anyway. I had to goto the store to take care of some things, and that took forever to do. Then I get to the warehouse and the guys were getting to me, even though they were working hard on a back to school order. Anyway, I wanted to just stay at the warehouse and work until game time, but Tim wouldn’t leave me alone. Well, I told him that I have paperwork to do; I should have just told him the truth that I wanted to be alone. Anyway, I was suppose to meet him at Peter’s house to get a ride to the game, but ended up going straight to the ballpark from work. Was going to call Peter’s but left my
cell phone at work. Anyway, bookstore people started gathering around 7pm and I tried to get into the spirit and all. However, I did not do a good acting job. Hilda was there with Karen and she knew something was up. However, it was Amber that unintentionally sent me over the edge. Don’t know how, but she knows that I’ve been hiding out at the warehouse (damn that mother
instant). So she’s semi hounding me about going out and finding someone new, which I try
unsuccessfully to change the topic. But it was when she asked Brian, my boss if he could set me up, that I mouthed to Peter to
rescue me. Went with Peter to the smoking area so he could smoke. Next thing I know, I’m walking around the ballpark and the next thing after that, I’m exiting the ballpark and in my car on the way back to Pacifica, stopping at a liquor store to get some Jack Daniels. Because you know, when you are feeling down, depressed, and suicidal, you got a friend in JD.

Anyway, the plan is to keep myself busy somehow for the rest of the month, with a combo of hiding at work, exercise, and other things to try and to keep my mind occupied. We’ll see how it goes…

[Listening to: Cold Day in July – Dixie Chicks – Fly (05:13)]