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  1. Okay I have to admit that I’m slightly annoyed by these girls with their so-called “butts”. The girl in pigtails — please! But the last two are okay I guess. But pigtails? Pff. And why they all gotta be blondes? Geez! haha. I’m just playin. Kinda.

  2. O.K. Most of the girls there were all under age and it was only because I had been drinking, had little to eat, and it was in the 90’s that I was even taking pictures. The first girl was O.K., looking; her friend that was wearing the blue was better looking over all. Also, i never got a picture of the 12-14 with the skirt that was showing butt cheek, nor a picture of the child molestor. However, in the last picture, that woman was def. over 18 (she was drinking beer and a magarita) and she was def. hot looking, thus explaining us following her around the park, not once but twice.
    Besides, how could any of these butts compare to the Ruffle Butt…

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