Two totally unrelated things….

1) I really want to find a new RPG game to suck my soul into and play. Still mussing over Star Wars Galaxies, although I’m not too thrilled about paying a monthly fee. I could always get
Baldur’s Gate and the expansion for cheap. I could also get the Diablo II expansion and do that again. Just something that I’ve just decided on.

2) Not sure what I’m doing with the title thing. The whole purpose of the title is to let the reader know what the theme of the post is about. And usually, my title are the furthest thing from post. Anyway, not sure where I got this from (one word titles starting with a period) or if I made it up all by myself. For some reason the anime Lain pops in my head. Anyway, I’ll be fooling around with that and the rest of my journal has I work towards a 8/1 update of the entire site.

I guess I should post about the Giant’s game on Thursday, but I think that I will let that simmer a bit more…
[Listening to: To Make You Feel My Love – Garth Brooks – Double Live Disc 2 (03:00)]

One thought on “.unrelated

  1. Hey Joe, if you’d like to play a cool new RPG, I’d wait until Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic comes out 10/24/03. I watched my boss play the X-Box version and it’s pretty sweet. Star Wars + Bioware = RPGey goodness. I played the SW:G beta and cancelled my pre-order. It was that bad, man.
    If you can’t wait, Warcraft 3 has some nice RPG-like elements in it and a good story. Good luck finding a good RPG in this, the fallow season of RPGs.

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