Even the power of the Its-Its can’t help me

Have been messing around with this plug in, trying to incorporate it into my journal. Unfortunately, I know nothing about php, and am doing something wrong, because I can’t get the title and artist to appear like on this page. All I can get is the album cover to appear. Not good. Anyway, think that I am going to head to sleep. Going up to Vacaville to see lots of people. It will be a fun weekend.

[Listening to: Adagio for Strings [Remix by ATB] – William Orbit – Pieces in a Modern Style Disc 2 (07:39)]

One thought on “Even the power of the Its-Its can’t help me

  1. I think I can help you get the Now Playing thing to appear on your blog. I’m in good with the author of that page. (At least I think I am! I was – but I might not be any more. He never emails me!) πŸ™‚
    J/K! It’s my page and I’d be glad to help with the code.

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