Sweating at home on a Friday night…

Going to goto sleep in a bit, tomorrow is inventory and the last big work
obstacle that I have to deal with for awhile. The bosses came over and were impressed, and they O.K.’ed me to take the guys out to Six Flags next month with pay. Am I a cool boss or what.

Went and saw Sinbad with Amy. The movie was alright. When I signed the contest I thought that I had signed up for it on a webpage that makes swords. However, when we got to the theather, there was tons of kids. I know, what did I expect. I don’t know. I just didn’t expect it to be so many little kids there. And they got these cool prize packs, however I was unable to snag one. Anyway, I really liked Michelle Phiffer’s character, def. an evil goddess to fall in love with. It’s a PG cartoon, which explained some of the violence in it. No blood, but it was very physical in some places. I’ve always loved the Sinbad movies, so I
generally liked this one.

Afterwards we went to Jamba Juice for some smoothies and went to Starbucks so that we could hear ourselves talk. The only bad part was that Amy didn’t get to SF until 30min before the movie started, so we didn’t have much time to talk, since both of us had to work the next day. However, we talked about taking a camping trip sometime before school starts with her friends. And by camping, we are talkin cabin and
comforts; none of that sleeping on the cold ground in a tent that suppose to hold five, but can barely hold me, with bears sniffing around at night. Ha!

Hard drive installation was successful. 120GB of storage for me to play with. Half inclined to pick up another one for the hell of it. 220 GB for $160 after rebates. I wont do it, but it’s a thought. Anyway, reinstalling programs and stuff, slowly recopying music onto the drive. Got the webcam working too. Next thing to do is to copy back my pictures and website onto the hard drive and work on that.

O.K. going to play some Bomberman (newest obsession) and then head to sleep. Inventory at 8am until we are done.