2 thoughts on “Between anxiety and excitement…

  1. I guess the best advice that I could give you is to seek professional help. Something that I should probably do. I suffer more from depression than axiety. I should go see a doctor about my depression, but I really hate doctors. And I also had a bad experience with the anti-depresants that I took the last time I saw a doctor. Some day are better than others for me. Other times I just hole myself up in my room and hide underneath the blankets. I don’t think that I am getting worse, but I’m not getting better.
    When I wrote that post, I think that I was stressing because of all of the stuff that was happening. Graduation had happened two weeks ago. One week ago, I had just moved from my old place to the place that I am currently at now. And I think the weekend I posted that entry, I was in the middle of moving from one warehouse to another warehouse for my job. It was my first big test has a supervisor without the higher ups looking over my shoulder, so I was really stressed and axnious, hopeing that nothing major would go wrong.
    Sorry I couldn’ have been more of a help to you.

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