Gentlemen, Good Night. Ladies….Good Morning

Having pre-warehouse move jitters all day long, to the point that I am guzzling down the pink stuff in an effort to calm my stomach. The worse part is that the person that I want to run to, the person that I want to hold me and
tell me that it will be O.K. that person is not there.

I know that tomorrow and Saturday, I will be O.K. and the move will go fine.

**side note** Cats names: Zoey, Roxy, and Kiesha

What’s worse is that the only thing that has put a smile on my face is listening to Justin Timberlake Senorita. Yes, I said Justin Timberlake. I’ll get into why I have this CD later, but there is a part in the song at the end where he says, “Gentlemen, Good Night. Ladies….Good Morning” Something about that line puts a small smile on my face.

The question that has been going through my head all day: “Which is worse, to be in love with someone who doesn’t return the love. Or to know that someone loves you and you have no feelings for them.”

LJ is crapping out again so I guess this is a exclusive.

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