3.2.1. Begin Operation Personal Move

Decided to post now since I probably won’t get a chance anytime after this.
Woke up this morning full of axienty(sp?). Not sure why, since I am a pro at moving (I should be anyway). Once I got to work and got some food into me, I began to feel better.
I think that I will have to make two trips to completely move. If I remember correctly, I was barely able to get all of my stuff in the van the last time that I moved. I don’t have that much more stuff, but the bookcase is big. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll bring some stuff here to the warehouse to and then bring it home with me a little at a time.
I downloaded graduation pictures on to the computer here at work, but they need serious photoshop before they can be seen. Oh well, graduates will just have to wait.
Oh yeah, walking home, I ran into Mia Green and her sister Kim. Mia’s going off to the east coast for her PhD. (I think). For all the headache Mia has given me over the years, I am happy for her and I wish nothing but the best for her.
O.K. Too much stuff going on that I need to do. Oh yeah, the bad news. i might be without DSL for 2 weeks when we move. Can you believe it? We are just moving next door, don’t understand why it would take that long to transfer the DSL. **sigh** If I didn’t go through withdrawls before, I will def. be going through them soon.
O.K. Gots works to do.
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