nervous premenitions

Should be in a euphoric mood today with the amazing weather that we are having. But of course, I have managed to pull a dark could over my head instead of letting the sun rays bathe over me. Not even the “journalism” of Good Day Live can cheer me up.
Of course, it’s one small little snowflake of a problem that I have managed to turn into an avalanche in my mind. My move and the warehouse move each has a little kink in them. In regards to my move, the only problem with the new room is with the electrical outlets. Because of that, I have already invisioned myself not moving in and living out of a cardboard box somewhere in downtown SF. Has for the warehouse move, the shelving company called to say that they are out of stock on some pieces that we need. Between that and a comment my boss made, I am once again nervous over the entire move. **sigh** I will be O.K., just need to take some deep breaths and calm myself down. Staying late at work tonight, actually doing work and not using the internet this time.
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