End to a lazy day…

Back at the bus center to update; haven’t decided if it is sick or sad.
Anyway, spent the day watching DVD’s (Escaflowne), reading, trying to get into a computer game, napping, making a mess in the kitchen and cleaning it up afterwards. Truly an exciting day, I know. Packed a few more things; all that is left are clothes, computer, and bedroom furniture.
I had lots of thoughts that I’ve been keeping in my written journal, but I forgot to bring the damn thing. Oh well, perhaps they will get transcribed one day.
Got a couple of mysterious calls today from numbers that I didn’t recognized. Wonder what’s that all about.
Don’t you hate those really erotic dreams that you have in the middle of the night. The ones that you know are a dream, but you let yourself go anyway cause it feels so good.
Think that sucks about the bus. center is that you can’t use Instant Messenger, even the java version. 🙁 Oh well.
Like I said, I wrote down lots in my written journal. Don’t have anything to say right now. Thinking of wondering over to Borders again but they close at 10:30. Might as well just go back home.
I am feeling so…empty right now. Not sure if it is caffiene/DSL withdrawls or something else. I’m pretty sure it’s something else. Thinking that I should watch Life Is Beautiful, something to help the waterworks come out. Tonight might be a good night to have a good cry.
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