The Tygre Boyz….

It is 3 a.m. and I should have been in bed hours ago. However, I spent the time working on finishing my last photoshoot here at 527 Tapia. And so I give you The Tygre Boyz

So Suzanne did this picture years ago and I’ve always wanted to to my own, So last Saturday, after coming home for apt hunting, I had an hour block and so I decided that I would take the pictures for it and try to get it done before the DSL is gone.
In hindsight, I really rushed into it and should have though it out more; facial expression, poses, clothes. One thing I wanted to do was to take some of the pictures the way my hair is now, and then get a hair cut and take the rest of the pictures bald. Also I fucked up with the lighing and with the camera since I don’t have a tripod. So, I’m not totally happy with the results, but satified with the amount of time that I put into it. Who know, maybe I’ll do another one and be organized with it.
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