A real update of sorts…

It feels like forever since I’ve updated for some reason…
I think I mentioned Paul’s party on Saturday. Should have brought the camera for some pics. Amber W. took some, but I’m not sure if she knows how to download the pictures off of her camera. It was a good party and I hit the alcohol kinda hard. More like I didn’t eat anything. Still, it was good to talk to Amber about stuff going on with me; got some motherly mom advice.
House hunting has been going on at a brisk pace. It like job interviewing. I hate it. Most of the rooms have been good to average with some of the landlords O.K. with me making payments on the deposit. The lead canidate was a room a couple blocks away from City College. However, I was getting a wierd vibe about it and I had a week before the landlord finish his interviews, so i decided to look outside of S.F.
And I landed in Pacifica. I think that I am slowly falling in love with the town; I mean the view when you arriving into the town is just spectacular. Anyway, really nice rooms around, however I think I found the one that I want. It’s a bit smaller than some of the other rooms that I have looked at. However the price is right, there is a washer/dryer, parking, it’s blocks from the beach, the other roommate are cool, and most important of all, there are 3 cats. I am hoping that I get a call today or tomorrow. **cross fingers**
Warehouse move is picking up, along with the stress level. The warehouse owner’s handyman is comming out to do some work tonight. I’m suppose to watch the Matrix tonight, and I’m hoping that he will be done before 9pm. I will be pissed if it takes longer.
DSL is going out tonight or tomorrow. I will still be posting entries at work and whereever. Man, I’m already getting the shakes, although that could be because of my growing addiction to coffee/caffene again. Don’t know what Mike’s going to do.
Speaking of Mike, no room for rent signs on campus. I think he is going to wait until after finals are done, which could be a mistake, since people are looking now for rooms. Well, that and the asking price. There’s only one Park Merced room that is more expensive than his, but that room includes utils, cable, and DSL. Anyway, the mess in the house is slowly growing, esp in the kitchen. Guess I will clean downstairs this weekend and leave it at that. Still need to finish getting the marks off of the wall and I have to call a carpenter to cut the stair banister so I can get my bed out.
Misc TV notes…
*-I am so sick of the Sprint comercial. I repeat: Who gives their 1st grade kid a color screen cell phone that can take pictures? Are you crazy?
*-Caught a bit of American Idol the other night. Didn’t realize that Clay was the Broadway singer. More amazing is that he is still on the show; not that he has a bad voice. But his style is clearly Broadway; didn’t think that that would be want AI wanted.
*-Buffy is almost over. Feeling Good/Bad about it. Sad that the series is over, but thank God this year is limping to a close.
O.K. Back to work I guess
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