What a Friday…

A pretty good Friday, I must say. The day started out chaotic, with everybody at the warehouse comming in late and everybody at the store calling us. And we had alot of orders and transfers to do, but my guys are good and we got everything done.
Also checked out a place for $650/month. Actually I think it’s less, but even if it’s a little more that will be cool. Another converted private living room in a 4 bdr place a couple blocks away from City college. The guy seemed to like me and is O.K. with me making payments on the deposit. Still need to take a look at other places tomorrow, but I’m trying to project good vibes.
So a day after I went home sick, I decide to stuff myself with Krispy Kreme doughnuts. **sigh** They were so good, however the sugar high is already leaving me and I am ready to pass out. I still need to do laundry though. Think that I will nap and see what time I get up. If it’s not too late, I do laundry tonight; otherwise I’ll do it in the morning.
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