random notes….

While I have answer the regular questions in order, I’ve been jumping around on the love/sex questions. Some of them are harder to answer in public than others. Thought about private entrying them in either Livejournal or Blurty. Will probably just not answer them. I will refocus on making the answers at least 500 words, proper grammar/structure and all that.
All the pictures on Blurty are relinked, however the ones on my MT journal need to be relinked. I’ve also toyed with the ideal of going and relinking all the pictures that I can from my LJ journals; all 4 years worth. Talk about being bored. Probably wont happen.
Also need to categorize the questions in my MT journal.
Tomorrow going to check out 2 places and hopeful sell the table so I can pay my registration for my car. Still trying to play it calm and cool.
Really need to do laundry tomorrow. However it is the season finale of Angel at 9pm. Thinking that I will try to make it last until Thursday. Think I have clean underwear to last.
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