The countdown is about to begin…

Went to Park Merced and asked about the 2 months free rent, but that only applied to 1brd appts. So tonight I deliver the 30day notice and the countdown begins. Mark is pushing for me to live in the warehoue for a month to save money. Sad thing is that I will probably consider it; It would save me $1000+. Found out that I have a week of vacation time and 3 weeks of sick leave. Something good to know.
Bigger news is that I canceled the phone/DSL. Last day for that is May 15th. Expect shakes and withdrawls to begin May 16th. It shouldn’t be too bad; I mean I have the DSL here at work and at the school (I have my old school ID, so I should be able to get into the computer labs around campus. Still, I’m looking at a month or two without high-speed internet. **shiver** Hopefully, it won’t be longer than that.
Also need to type out an agreement for Mike to make sure I get my security deposit back. I talked to him about it yesterday and it was another thing that he didn’t consider. So I’ve been thinking I should get it in writing that he will pay me back. To qoute Mark, “The one thing that I’ve learned from watching Judge Hatchett is to always get deals and agreements in writing.”
So what is up for tonight? Decided to cook real food instead of eating a bowl of cereal; Will include Mashed Potatoes. Also watching Angel; not sure how many more episodes are left, but it’s not many since he is going to be on the season finale of Buffy, which is in 3 weeks.
**sigh** It’s been a good day today. I could use a couple more like this.
Note…realize that I can play Yahoo Grafitti on the new Dell that we got. So bad
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