Not a bad Wednesday…

Good Angelepisode tonight, but not great. The end of it and the previews really left me going “huh”, but that’s because I’ve just started watching it halfway into the season. Hopefully, the Television W/O Pity Forumswill be able to fill me in on the mysterious person at the end.
Got two more offers for the table.One lady came over, but I’m worried that I scarred her off when I tried to take the extension out of the table. Well, I WD40’d it so it will be easier to shoe the next person.
Turned in the 30 day notice, so the countdown has begun. **gulp** It didn’t help my nerves to see a news piece on a landlady who being sued by 15+ people for not returning their security deposits. **sigh** I just need to think positive.
Got some homework given to me by the boss has the store scrambles to get ready for the auditors. I think on Friday I’ll have the guys clean up the warehouse, in case they come out. It is looking a little messy, but not by much. Anyway, I have to track down mysterious phone numbers that the warehouse supposedly has. It is going to be hours on hold with Pac Bell/SBC and pouring over phone logs and records. Should be fun, esp since I got practice today waiting on hold for 30 min with them while trying to cancel my service.
What else? Need to do something about the multiple journals. I def. want to be my main journal. However, I need a journal with friends only capabilities if I ever need it. Blurtyis free, but filled with teeny boppers and their support sucks. Live journalcost, however their support is better and I could also use their text msg feature. I tried to do it on my own, but it wasn’t working. However, I just thought of an idea that might work.
Missed free Ice Cream night at Ben & Jerry’s and Baskin Robbins. Eh, maybe next year. Tongiht, I think that I will tinker with the site abit. There are two more things that I was to try to figure out before I lose the DSL. 😛 I am so going to be working late once it’s gone.
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