2 – Moving

So yeah, so I decided to withdraw into myself and take a trip to depresion island for a week or two. It wasn’t the birthday thing that set it off. I think it was just all of the stress of moving out more than anything else. Has I start to get ready to leave here, it just seems that I am deeper and deeper in trouble with the move thing. And I know that Mike didn’t mean to hurt me by deciding to stay, but I am seriously fucked because of it. Well, potential to be fucked.
I haven’t been idle; I have been hitting the boards at school and looking on Criagslist, making a few calls here and there. So far though, no one is being flexible with the deposit. That will be the key thing for me. finding someone who will let me make payments on the deposit. I need to really jump into the thick of things this week, since I’ll be competing with everybody looking for a place for the summer from school.
Mike has already put the room up on Craigslist. However at $850, not sure if he is going to find anyone when people are offering the same room for $800 and less and includes cable and DSL. I hope he realizes that the DSL will be gone when I leave. So on Sunday, he had someone come over to look at the place. So I went to the gym to work out. After my workout, I decided to put an ad in the roommate book that Park Merced has. This girl and her mom were also looking at it so we started talking and I told her how I was paying $925 and that my roommate put me in a situation and we couldn’t come to an agreement and I had to leave. So I told them where I lived and it was the people that Mike showed the room too. Oops! I hope I didn’t ruin it for Mike. Oh well.
So I’ve been looking at places in S.F., but I’ve also thought about living in the East Bay. The rents are lower and even with the commute, I could save money. I would also be able to pay a first and a deposit. The commute would suck, either driving in or BARTing in. However I would be closer to my friends in all directions. Still, since I don’t have money saved that first month would def. be a bitch.
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