Optimism and dread…

Posted ads on Craigslist for the Table/Chairs and for the Futon. I am hopeful that I will get a buyer for both within the week.
Started looking on Ebay for the other stuff that I was selling, and I’m thinking that I will get a lot less than what I want, if I get anything at all. I just might write it all off has a lost and donate it to Goodwill or something. **sigh**
Finally talked to Mike and it looks like I’m moving. Yay…or something. So I will stay here until the end of May. Hopefully I will have found something by then. The big thing that I’m worried about is not having enough money. I should think positive though.
So tomorrow, I figure that I will walk to the post office to mail April’s CD and pay my car insurance, and then spend the rest of the day with computer stuff and hopefully answering inquires about my stuff.
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