The Clone Wars…

I really could use a clone so I could get more stuff done. Maybe a couple of them.
Maybe I should just stop procrastinating. I guess it’s an idea.

Anyway, got stuff out that I am going to try an sell on Craigslist. Will think about EBay, but it’s so much crap, I think it would cost more to ship than it’s actually worth. Junk includes
MS Sidewinder Joystick (gameport plug, not USB)
MS Sidewinder Gamepad (ditto)
MS Cordless Phone (Say what you will about M$, but this phone was sweet. If MS would have supported it for XP, I would still be using it)
Digital Answering Machine (Never got it to work, just remember Suzanne and my old dorm mate, Ben, spending and hour putting silly messages on it)
Sanyo SPC-3000 Cell Phone f/Sprint (turned it on and the battery is still charged. Need to goto Sprint and make sure the account is canceled.)
Tenchi The Movie: Tenchi In Love– subtitled VHS (Don’t have a VHS player anymore. Plus I have it on DVD.)
Ranma 1/2: The Breaking Point(My favorite Ramna episodes…well except for the Ice Skating one. has my favorite Ranma character, Ryoga in it.)
Escaflowne Sound Drama CD 1-Earth (Got this thinking that it was a soundtrack, but it’s actually part or a 2part radio episode: In Japanese. Still the song at the end is nice)
Essential Dance 2000 – DJ Scribble (got a double shipment of this CD, but they never charged me for the 2nd CD.)
I figure I sell the joystick and gamepad for $5 each, the phone for $20-30, the answering maching for $5, the cell I might just donate to a battered women support group, the tapes for $5 ea.(I might keep the Ranma one), the Essencial Dance CD I might use has a present. The Escaflowne CD is an Import though, and I might be able to get $20-$30 for that. Also need to take pictures of the table and the futon. Figure I’d sell the table for $75 and the Futon for $15-$25 with free delivery in S.F. Maybe I’ll find more stuff to sell when I clean my closet out.

O.K. Two more announcements. Will whoever that has my Blade DVD please return it to me, no questions asked. I think that Brock has it from one of the times that I babysat him. But if any of you out there have it just return it to me.
Second, my birthday is in 9 days. BUY ME STUFF!!!!!!
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