I’m moving to Hollywood….

Well, not really. But who knows? This could be the breakout hit at Sundance next year.
So the filming went really well, according to Peter (the director). It didn’t seem like we took that long, but I was at the warehouse from 9am until 5pm. I guess the beers that had help the time fly by. I took some pictures of the filming, but my camera is too far away for me to get. Also the batteries are recharging and are even further away. So pictures will have to wait until tomorrow. Well I do have some pictures…

The Adams men: Barry, Antonio, and the newest, Marco
The new baby boy
The look on Gabi's face is so Gabi; it's priceless
Marco Diego Adams
Mother and child
Antonio holding his new brother; how sweet...
Awww look, Antonio's french kissing his brother...WHAT?!?!?!  ANTONIO, NO.....

So the rest of the day I spent getting over the buzz that I had. Mike left soon after I got back, but I was to drunk to make anything out of it. Still hasn’t said anything about the housing situation. Will talk to him after the Giants game, if there is a Giants game, that is. Hope it doesn’t get rained out. Anyway, I cleaned the kitchen and downstairs, so Mike’s mother shouldn’t say anything. Need to get a drill to hook up the paper towel dispenser that she got the last time she was here. Towards midnight, I watch the police bust the house party being held across the street. No one was shot or arrested. **sigh** How old am I when the biggest thing for me on a Sat. night is cleaning the kitchen and watching 18 get kicked out of a house. Not good.
Anyway, tomorrow we have to go back to finish filming some stuff, then hopefully Angie and I can watch a baseball game, and the after that, showdown with the roommate.
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