I won the warehouse pool!!! Of course it’s just $15, but hey, it’s $15 more than I just had.
Actually, it’s pretty sad, cause none of the teams that we picked are in the championship. I just needed Syracuse to win to keep Mark from getting more points (He picked Texas in the championship game).
In other news, I just played my first win game in Mechwarrior 4. This was the first game that I had more kills than deaths….And of course, when I had to reinstall MW4, I forgot to tell it to record my stats. AARRRGGHH!!!! I was doing so well this week too.
Decision time: Do I want to work on the website or do I want to take pictures. Pictures would look better in the daytime with more lighting, but will the balloons hold up that long. Hmmm. Think that I am going to take that chance and work on Moveable Type and the site. Mike still hasn’t shown up yet. I wonder if he had to work or if he is out with his friends. Or he could have been in the library all day.
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