Ah….Friday. Thank God. It hasn’t

Ah….Friday. Thank God. It hasn’t been a bad week; actually it’s been pretty decent. Still, I’m feeling that strom clouds are gathering. Maybe it’s just my overactive imagination.
Tonight, there is a bookstore party that I need to make an appearance at. Also, Mark might be able to get us $5 tickets to the Warriors/Mavericks game. What else? Mountain of laundry to do (what else is new) and Jury Duty on Monday maybe. If I do have jury duty, then I just might make a day out of it downtown. I will bring my camera and I will take pictures, no matter how bad they are. I wish that the Asian Art Museum was open, however it’s not open until next week.
Also need to dig up a mic for my computer. Barry and Kurt found a voice communication program to use with MechWarrior 4. Alright, NOTHING, would have helped us with the slaughter that we were given on Wed night. And it was a slaughter; at one point, the other team just waited for us to come to them. I thought that I did O.K., I got some nice shots in on the other guy. I just couldn’t finish the job.
O.K. got two more orders to recieve before the party today.
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