I am tired because I

I am tired because I haven’t been getting sleep lately. Of course, I can chalk up part of it to playing Mechwarrior 4 all night long. **yawn** But even after that, I have been having a hard time sleeping or just not getting a good night’s rest. Well, what can you do. Yeah, I guess I COULD go to sleep earlier, but what would be the fun of that.
So Park Merced (the housing complex that we live in sent us a letter wanting us to sign another year lease and our rent would only go up $100 more. So we are going to start looking for a new place to live. Our lease is up at the end of April, but I’m hoping that if we find something early, then we can get out of our current lease early. We’ll see.
Traveled down to San Jose to see my friend, Mew, since I traveled up the weekend before to see the married couples. I think that I might be the only person in our group that is single right now. Anyway, we talked and talked and had a good time.
What else? Work is getting busier. There are some things that I need to take care of that I have been semi slacking on, because of the whole tiredness thing. Next week, for sure I will get on the ball.
Suppose to be working on an astrology thing for my brother. I need to finish that this week since I told him I would be done with it last week.
Am going to cook some dinner and then get ready to watch some T. V. Hmm, I wonder if I can call in sick tomorrow. Naw. I need to save up all of that time for when I need it.
Need to finish taxes this weekend. I still can’t believe that with all of the interest that I played on my student loans, I am only getting $22 back.
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