I’m suppose to help Mike

I’m suppose to help Mike help his sister move today.
Of course, I stayed up late last night, like I wasn’t suppose to do.
But I got up at 11am to take a shower and to get ready.
Because Mike said to be ready at 11:30 a.m.
So it’s almost noon. And Mike’s just getting out of the shower.
**sigh** If Mike’s sister is anything like Mike then this will take ALL DAY LONG.
I just hope to God that she is actually packed, and not like Mike when I helped move him here.
Afterwards, going to Vacaville to hang out with the marriedtons Barry/Gabi & Kurt/Lesa (as oppose to the singletons, Amber and Amanda).
I might stop in on Amber on my way up to see how’s she is doing.
Of course, it all depends on when I’m finish the moving thing.
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