Mind Trip

Still thinking about the drive up to Vacaville to give April back her purse that she left in my car. Usually I hate the radio, same songs over and over and over again; for that I thank the clone factory called Clear Channel that owns practically every radio station in the bay.
Still, with the exception of Counting Crows remake of Joni Mitchell Big Yellow Taxi…**going on a different tangent** why must everybody remake this song. Personally, I don’t like the song, and it seems that if you are a serious band/singer/songwriter, you have to cover this song at some point in your career. Anyways, what do I know.
So has I was saying, there was this point where it was just really good music flowing on the radio. Then a commercial popped up I would just change to the next preset, and the music just flowed. At one point, it was nothing but Led Zeppelin; it was Black Dog, Good Times Bad Times, Ramble On, Tangerine, and Kashmir. It was fucking great.
Unfortunately the music on the ride back wasn’t as good, so I put Dave Matthews in and had a vision for Proudest Monkey. It was so vivid while I was driving, but it’s hard to remember now. It was a mixed of muppets and Cirque Du Soleil; the only problem is that I was having trouble imagining all of the band as muppets, esp Dave. (Some reason he came off as a bald muppet with eye brows, no eyes.) The best part of course was at the end when the music picks up and the whistles come in and stuff. In my mind, muppet animals were dancing and flying all over the place along with acrobats from Cirque Du Soleil. And then at the end when the music quiets, it was just these two baby muppet monkeys playing with each other.
Now even if I could somehow make this happen, I could never show it on MTV since the song is what 7-10 min long. But still, the view looked great in my head.
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