Sir, just step away from the television…

Simpson’s episodes were good. I’ve read and talked to people who think that the show has gone downhill, but I still get laughs from it. Also watched the Married With Children reunion special. It was nice, except that I wished that they spent a little time with Marcie, Steve , and Jefferson.
Tomorrow is the Joe Millionairefinale. I cannot wait. It had better be good, esp. after the crap that they pulled last week. Still kinda pissed of about that. And then they have a new show called Married By America coming up. And also the Michael Jackson Interview. **sigh** I have been sucked up by T. V. Bad Joe, Bad Joe. O. K. After Joe Millionaire, I am going cold turkey….except for Buffy The Vampire Slayer. O. K. This season is really not that good, but I have to see it through. Other than that, cold turkey.
Just finish talking to Barry; him and Kurt are hooking up online to play Mechwarrior 4. Wish I could get a copy and join them. Maybe I hint to Eric to get it for me for my birthday in a couple of months. Speaking of, I need to call the family this week to see how everybody is doing.
What else? The pictures from the Chinese New Year Parade are up. Has I suspected, most of the pictures came out dark, even though I bumped up the exposure time.
The Golden Dragon
The rest are at my Yahoo! Photo Album.
So Tomorrow I have the day off. I need to clean the kitchen in the morning since I kinda slacked off on it (Spent most of the day reading Anne Rice’s Blackwood Farm and Merrick. I need to get The Witching Hour and Lasherto refresh my memory on the whole witch thing. And also, Aprilis coming into the city and she is taking me out for lunch and Krispy Kreme. **drool** Mmmmmm; Krispy Kreme.
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