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**Sigh** Only I am stupid

**Sigh** Only I am stupid enough to try and starve myself during rush week.
I am so tired and drained. So I was suppose to cook pork chops tonight, but I still needed to get a few things. I was waiting on my paycheck to be direct deposited between 6-8p.m. so I could go to the store and get what I needed. Then I went to the bookstore and heard that one manager complained about getting their check deposited too early. So now our checks don’t get deposited until end of payday.
Anyway, I am going to cook one of the pork chop and use it for a burrito. It won’t the other pork chops to marinate for another day.
I am so tired though. I hope that I can stay away for American Idol.
At least I got my stuff fixed on my web site. Something accomplished.
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I paid $1000 in interest on my student loans and all I’m getting back is $22!?!?
I’m gotta figure out what I did wrong here
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**sigh** Why do I even

**sigh** Why do I even try to find an interesting random journal. I know that all I will get is a stupid RPG journal.
Anyway, there is a break in the action here at work. The guys are gone to get all you can eat BBQ wings, so they’ll be gone for awhile. I have my cup ramen to keep me sated. Yum.
BTW, in case you didn’t know, this is one of the busiest times of the year for me, so if I don’t answer my phone, that’s why.
Still having problems with my site. Wanted to update it for Chinese New Years (It’s this Saturday). Hopefully, I can get things taken care of.
Mike is back from San Diego and the Super Bowl. Apparently his dad got 2 tickets from Tiffany’s Jewelers. Talking about the full package; Luxury Bus to the stadium, VIP breakfast and lunch, seats in the field level of the 45 yard line. The only celeberty that he saw was Evander Holyfield (He says that I’m the same height and build; whatever).
So tonight on Amer. Idol, they pick the 32 semi finalist. after this show, I know that my interest will start to wain(sp?). I only like seeing the auditions to see who’s good and who’s bad. Still, there are 2-3 weeks left of Joe Millionaire.
Got my tax info for my student loans. And if I am figuring everything out correctly, I’ll be getting $500 back. Thank God, I need this money to help me move in the summer. **sigh** I wish I could spend it on myself, for a new hard drive or something. But I know that I need to be focused on the long dist. picture.
Payday is tomorrow also. I wonder if I will have enough money to go see a movie. Is their anything out; I guess Chicago. I wonder if there is a 2nd run theather in S.F.; There has been a number of films I missed in the last couple of months.
What else? I need to goto the store and get stuff for the pork chops tonight. They have been marining (sp?) for a day now, so they should be pretty tender. Need to get some mushrooms, some sweet/sour sauce, and some milk for the mash potatos. Hopefully it won’t get too busy here at work so I won’t be too tired to cook all of this.
O.K. I need to get off. There is still paperwork and stuff that needs to get done.
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Quote from the past…

What I need is for Suzanne to help me clear my vision and to show me the good, happy, beautiful person that is inside of me. That is one of the biggest reasons that I love her; is because she can see this even when I am being an asshole or when I can’t see it in myself. If she stopped seeing that part of me, I think that my life would pretty much be over.
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