Daily Archives: January 16, 2003

Tea Leaves fortune….waiting for the codeine to kick in

As the steam from the tea evaporates, I see many interesting events in your future!
Closest to the outer edge I see a bee. You may be in for a whirlwind of a romance. Ask yourself whether you are up for it. I also see a raven. There is no reason to doubt yourself. Move forward with confidence and be happy.
Closer to the bottom of the cup I see a mask. Why are you hiding from another? When you lead with your heart, you shine! I also see a tower. A detour from your current route may prove the fastest way to success.
All the shapes reveal themselves spread randomly around the cup. Look at your fortune as a journey of many moons with many destinations and detours. The letter A is apparent along the outer edge of the cup. Someone with this initial may be in need of your assistance. Offer it willingly and be repaid tenfold.
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So far, according to TurboTax, I owe $128 in taxes.
Fuck them….didn’t they take enough out of my fucking paychecks. Well, obviously not.
Still, I have to wait for info from my student loans since the interest paid on those are tax deductible. Hopefully, that will put me in the black.
Damn….I a really counting on this so I can have some money saved for a deposit for a new place in May.
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So you want to be an electrician….

It looks like Tim is going forward with joining the electrician program. **sigh** If I did do it, I would have to take a $2/hr. pay cut for a year, however by the end of the program, I would be making 2.25 times what I could make here at the bookstore. I guess the thing is can I survive a year making less than I do now. I would def. have to get a weekend job.
Sent all of the guys out on a run and to get lunch, so I’ll have a couple of hours of piece and quiet. Mark is pissing me off, but as long as he does his job, I’ll just silently deal with it.
This would be a good point for me to win the lottery or something.
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