Just kill me now, please….

Cold has yet to go into remission. I said that I would go to the health center if it wasn’t gone by tomorrow. But I know that all they are going to do is to prescribe me a cough suppressant and give me some throat longezers. Blah.
I know that I am sick cause I didn’t want to watch wrestling tonight. Decided to watch Star Search on CBS instead. OMG, where do I start at. For the junior singer category, that 10 year old didn’t do anything for me, esp with that sob story of hers. Yeah, whatever. However, the Hawaiian girl that was competing against her should have picked something better to sing, Broadway song usually don’t fare well on these shows.
Both models were good looking, although there was something wrong with the face of the girl born in Russia or Yugoslavia. And then she also tripped a bit on the runway, but it was really slight. Kim, the Miss Georgia girl, looked really jerky with her turns, but I am glad that she won.
I didn’t particularly care for either comedian, Adam was too plain, and the other guy jokes were…I don’t want to necessarily say too racial. But the bit about Asians hanging ducks up in their houses didn’t really go well with me.
With the adult singers, I thought that the guy with the big lips did a better job than the girl from Richmond. She did Let’s Stay Together and she tried to do it like Tina Turner, but I don’t think that she had the range for it.
What else. Arsenio Hall, I wanted to kill. OMG he is so not funny anymore. God, I remember when him and Eddie used to be a comedic force; now it’s just sad really.
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