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You know you got some

You know you got some good meat when the vegetarian roommate comes homes and says that the meat that you cooked smells good.
Had two of the gourmet burgers from the Omaha Steak Co. that my parents got for me. I want to cook the pork chops, but I need to go to the store and get some stuff for a marinate first. Can’t wait to cook those.
Anyway, I am feeling better, I guess. My main problem is with sleeping; I can’t get to sleep at night cause I’m coughing and choking on saliva and phlegm. Hopefully, the worse is gone and I will be able to get some sleep. If I don’t, then off to the hospital…actually, I will go to the health clinic on campus since it is closer.
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I am still sick. I

I am still sick.
I am still home in bed.
I want my mommy to come and take care of me.
If I am not well by tomorrow, it is off to the hospital to find out what form of leprosy I have.
I cold just doesn’t last this long. It must be something more serious.
Like colon cancer or a hysterectomy. Maybe I need to ask the doctor about what the purple pill could do for me.
This is all Maire’s fault for not being a doctor yet and hooking me up with some prescription drugs….O. K. so she is 3,000 miles away also, but still.
I could also blame Gabi for not hooking me up with any experimental drugs from Bayer. She closer than Marie too, so it would be easier to blame her.
Anyway, more juice, cough drops and rest.
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