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Quote from a Wired article about fascination with Macs

But a big part of it is subconscious. Somehow, Apple’s products stimulate desire. Perhaps the machines tap into some primeval, magpie-like attraction to bright shiny objects, a universal, timeless urge to own nice things.
It’s not unlike sex: You’re smitten, and you’ve got to have it. Once you do, the ardor fades. But never mind, regular as clockwork, the next thing out of Apple reignites the yearning.

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Just read this article in

Just read this article in the SF Bay Guardian. **shiver** The job market is so scary right now.
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Buffy episode wasn’t that great.

Buffy episode wasn’t that great. Like duh, of course Buffy being brought back to life is the reason for the ultimate baddie. All I could do was make lesbian jokes for some reason. Oh, I did notice that Willow was percolating in the first scene in her bedroom before the beginning credits. Yeah baby.
God, I hope these drugs cure my cold soon.
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Can’t sleep. Every time I

Can’t sleep.
Every time I try to sleep I start to cough and choke and moan.
Yep, moan. When I have a cold sometimes, I forget to breathe. I know, how do you forget to breathe. Well, I’ve figured it out somehow. Anyway, the breathe that I’m holding in eventually pushes itself out, and when it does, it sounds like I’m moaning.
Don’t know how long I’ve been doing it, but I’ve only noticed it within the last couple of years.
Scared one of my roommates once. He was making out with his boyfriend in our room, cause I had taken Nyquil and was out. All of the sudden, they hear me moan and it freaked them out. Serves him right for trying to get it on while I was sick. If he needed some alone time, he could have asked.
Anyway, room is clean and sanitized. To quote Zim, “Ahhh, the stench of cleanliness”. I have my super bag of cough drops, so I should be ready for work tomorrow.
I had a stupid thought. I was watching the Spanish network on T. V., watching this couple kiss and I thought to myself, “What if Suzanne and I get back together, and I forget how to kiss her?” Can you forget how to kiss? I thought it was like riding a bicycle. Anyway, this thought has bothered me all afternoon. It’s not like I can practice on Suzanne or anyone else for that matter. I guess I could use my arm or a pillow, but there is no feedback. Hmmmm.
Yeah, I must be doped up on some good drugs. This cold is good as gone.
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17″ Apple Power book

Home from work sick **cough, cough**.
Yes I am still sick. I didn’t go to bed until 5am in the morning. And I had to be out the house by 9am for my manager’s meeting. Blah. After the meeting, headed back to the warehouse to catch TIm up on what’s going on. Then headed for Walgreens for some supplies. Apparently, I’m not the only one suffering from a cold, cause a lot of their cold supplies were running low or were out completely. Also picked up some disinfectant. So the plan is to clean my room and to change my sheets and disinfect the place. Then go and eat and take some medicine and then take a nap and catch up on sleep.
BTW, caught the end of the keynote speech at Macworld. OMG 17″, that is so huge for a laptop. And the commercial with Mini Me and that 8′ Chinese basketball player is funny. I am a PC user, but I have to admit, that Apple comes out with some cool ass stuff.
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Googlism for: Joseph Rogers

Joseph Rogers is listed as being a highway surveyor for duxbury
Joseph Rogers is printed as #2092
Joseph Rogers is the chief of the attorney general’s regulated industries division
Joseph Rogers is buried here
Joseph Rogers is mentioned as his business partner
Joseph Rogers is sitting 3rd from right and Clara Allen is the girl in front
Joseph Rogers is proud of what he calls the “online inventory
Joseph Rogers is said to have died in the Auckland hospital 1st April 1894 of a brain tumour but no entry for his death in 1894 can be located on the rg’s index
Joseph Rogers is buried
Joseph Rogers is the executive director of the national mental health consumer self
Joseph Rogers is executive director of the mental health association of southeastern Pennsylvania and of the national mental health consumers’ self
Joseph Rogers is executive director of the national mental health consumers’ self
Joseph Rogers is hereby appointed to the board of review for a term to expire April 30
Joseph Rogers is a mellon fellow at the Latin American and Caribbean center at Florida international university
Joseph Rogers is empty
Joseph Rogers is president of shearwater technology
Joseph Rogers is president of shearwater technology inc
Joseph Rogers is his eldest son and (and what?!?)
Googlism for: tygreyes
Sorry, Google doesn’t know enough about tygreyes yet.
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The milk is too hot to drink. Crap. And I am too lazy to go back downstairs to get some ice cubes.
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The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
Uriel Choiseul
Known in some parts of the world as:
Kronos of The Steely Moon
The Great Archives Record:
A child of the Moon Goddess – Cold, determined, but of the light in the night.
Eh…sounds a little like me. I prefer the moonlight over darkness.
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