Mobile Horoscope – Let them

Mobile Horoscope – Let them know you’re here. Collaborators love to share ideas. Your part is obvious.
Yesterday was the first day that I didn’t post anything. Granted, I haven’t been posting anything earthshaking; but still, I was pretty busy yesterday. I’m also going to be busy today. Need to clean room and house and decide on laundry. Then I need to head up to Vacaville to visit people. And then tomorrow I get to see Suzanne.
**sigh** Kinda nervous about the whole deal, but it will be a good preview for Thanksgiving; us being together without being together. We talked on the phone yesterday for awhile, which was cool. It seems that we have handled this split that we have in different ways. While I have been withdrawn and introvert, she seems to have been out everywhere and extrovert. I am just nervous I guess; I really don’t want to do anything wrong and loose her forever.
O.K. I got to start cleaning if I want to get out of this house sometime today.
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