Well, last night ended up

Well, last night ended up on a down note has I pen that was in a pair of Khaki’s that I have got washed and spilled blue ink over most of my clothes. Nothing major was damaged, but it topped a pretty crummy day.
Today was pretty mellow. Just read the books that I brought back from home; the first 6 books in the Robotech Saga.
What else? I got through all of the emails that I needed to write, so I don’t have to worry about that. Christmas cards are done, the only thing that I am waiting for are for people to confirm their addresses so that I can mail them out. I think this is the earliest that I have got them done in a long time.
The website problem has gotten worse. Dreamhost, my provider, basicly said that they don’t know what is wrong with my site and that I can either wait for them to figure it out or move to a new server. I use MS FrontPage to design my web site. I could code the thing by hand, but I’m lazy and I like FrontPage. Actually, a lot if it I couldn’t code, like the tables and stuff. Right now, I have a geocities site that I’m looking into as a backup. Hopefully, it wont come to that. But I did switch my DSL to a SBC/Yahoo acct and now I have 750MB of space for pictures, so I might have my photo albums there anyway.
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