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Took car for it’s 5,000

Took car for it’s 5,000 mile service; it’s the first one. The oil change was free, but I decided to go pay and get the tires rotated and the brakes checked anyway. Everything A-O. K. It had better be.
Went to Barnes & Nobles and applied. Also applied at Target. On the B&N application, I told themm not to call my previous employer. College bookstores managers have a fear of Barnes & Nobles. It’s not like I deal with books anyway, just merchandise. Anyway, we’ll see what happens. The only thing that I’m afraid of is that they wil call while I’m gone next week. Since no one else has called, I shouldn’t be too worried about it.
I am slightly horny right now, but I think that it might be boredom. Nothing to do. Almost beat Serious Sam again, boring. I could load Civ III and try to get into it. Or load GTA3 and try to figure out the controls and try to beat the game. I could also watch a DVD. I’ve been saving Pearl Harbor for a raining day. Could also raid the porn collection and jerk off. Wouldn’t be satifying though, plus Mike is home and that would be wierd. What I should do is something off of my To-Do List.. But that’s not going to happen tonight.
I know the one thing that I’m not going to do is sleep early. That fucked up my whole day. Think that I will get a glass of water, finish Serious Sam, watch a DVD, and maybe watch a porn before I sleep. Sounds like a plan…
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This is why waking up before double digits is bad for you….

From her website:
What can I say about Joe? I used to have a lot to say. He is wonderful and specil and beautiful and kind and smart and sexy and I love him and I let him go.
Mental note, don’t let anybody mike to come up with passwords. Totally predictable…
Anyway, it was good to goto her site, and April’s also. I’m glad that both of them seem to be doing well. The two of them are probably the closest friends that I have. They know so much about me and I have shared so much with them over time. And it’s also good to know that they have people to lean on; April has her mysterious “S” and Suzanne has all of her friends. I think the thing is that they are not afraid to goto others for help and support. Myself on the other hand, am more hesitant to open up my problems to my friends. I have done so with Lesa, Mew, and the Vacaville gang. However, I still am trying to solve these things by myself.
**side note** I miss livejournal and all of the “real” journals that were on there without stumbling over all of these “RPG” journals for Brittany, Christina, and fucking Justin Timberlake. I’m sorry for being so judgemental, but I can not for the life of me see what the appeal of it is.
Anyway, so new experiment time. No more mooning over Suzanne in this journal. I’ve probably promised this before, but I am going to try again. Granted, the reason I got this Blurty was because it was away from Livejournal and Suzanne so I could talk about her and get my thoughts out. And while there is nothing wrong with thinking and talking about Suzanne….O.K. moaning and bitching over Suzanne…, I should be using this to strenghten my writing or something. Not that I want millions of adoring fans flocking to my blurty to see my latest literary work of art. However, I do want to use this chance to explore and to expand myself. I made compromises and gave up things for my relationship with Suzanne. Now that I am free from the relational obligations, I want to try to break out of my mold a bit. So, no more Suzanne and bitching and moaning….”woe is me”, blah, blah….Hmmm….How about less Suzanne and less bitching/moaning. Anyway, like I said before, I’ve made this promise before. Hopefully, this time it will last a little longer.
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So in the weakness of

So in the weakness of waking up at an ungodly hour, I went and visited her live journal. And I cried. **sigh** I just need to accept the fact that she has gotten over me and is moving on with her life. And I need to do the same. Easier said than done.
April also text messaged me yesterday during my workout. I need to decide when are we going to meet for Krispy Kreme. Probably sometime after I get back from Washington. **sigh** I haven’t had a KKD in such a long time. It’s going to totally kill my diet, but it will be so worth it.
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Weird ass dream of the night….

Was working at the warehouse with a different crew. The warehouse was larger too. I guess we were getting ready for an audit or something. At one point, there was a commotion outside because the paint guys next door trash can caught on fire and we helped them put it out. So the audit committee came and it was led by Mr. Senator Feinstein and his group. They did not like what they saw at the warehouse. At one point, they wanted to look at this chocolate cherry set in a gold box that they insisted was there, but it wasn’t. So I went into my office to check on the computer, but the computer was acting up. I remember phone calls too on my cell phone. One was from Lesa; her and Kurt were in Napa and they wanted to drop by to give me back a game that I had left up there. I told her that I was busy and turned off my cell phone. There were also children running around; I think that one of them was Amber W. son, Brock. Anyway, Senator Fienstien decided he had seen enough and was leaving, and we got into an argument about how I ran the warehouse. The last thing that I remember are my two employees were coming back to the warehouse with some big orange jackets and they were dropping them on the ground and I was yelling at them. I think that they were those two black guys from that Nickelodeon show, All That or Good Burger or something. Then I was awaken out of my dream by Mike yelling out something next door. Mike talks/yells in his sleep. Gawd, I don’t know how Randy dealt with it when they shared a room back in the tower. Regardless of what happens with my living situation, I will not be sharing a room with Mike.
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