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So the movie was all

So the movie was all right….like I said, not worth full price; maybe a rental or matinee. But I’m glad that Mary invited me to go, cause it was good for me to get out of the house. Katherine and Ben were also there, Mary’s cohorts. They are nice, but I know nothing about them, except that Ben reminds me of my brother Eric. And Katherine has a Nokia 8890 cell phone. It is so cool, but it’s so small. **sigh** I really wanted that phone too.
Anyway, after the movie, I was feeling good, so I headed to the gym. I HATE MY MAN BOOBS!!! They aren’t huge man boobs, but I hate using the machines, staring at myself in the mirror, watching my A-cups bounce around. At least Alyson Hannigan a.k.a. Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on the T. V. doing a show for MTV. She is SO hot.
Anyway, after the guard kick everybody out of the gym, I went over to the library to try and drag Mike out of it. I swear he spends too much time studying; it’s about as bad as me moping in my room. Anyway, I saw my old roommate in the dorms Eddie. Eddie aka the worst roommate I ever had, was a crack head loser. This is the guy who took a look at what was happening on 9/11 and went back to sleep. This is also the guy who told me stories of how he and his hommies would go down to the Tenderloin and by crack from big black homeless ladies. This is the same guy who masturbated so loudly, that I got little to no sleep for almost two weeks. And yes, this is the same guy who rumor has it, went up to a coworker, showed her his pinky and said, “Is this enough to satisfy you.” **sigh** See my life could be worse off. I should and am thankful that I don’t have to share a room with Eddie.
So now it’s almost midnight. Was going to pay some bills, but I think that I will let the money sit in the bank another day and go to sleep. Was going to post some pictures, but my site is down. Poop.
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Almost forgot…

Payday via direct deposit.
So for a day or two, I will have money in my account. Yay!
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Friday After Next

Was a good movie, def. more a matinee or rental than full price; so I’m glad I saw it for free. Going to gym to work out; will update more in an hour.
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was supposed to go to gym right after work….instead I made the mistake of laying down for a min. on my bed.
An hour later….wake up with 15 min to meet Mary for free movie.
So much for gym
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Not a bad Tuesday to

Not a bad Tuesday to go with the nice Monday. Bought the guys lunch to pay back them buying me lunch on and off for the last month or so. Cheese steaks….mmmmmmmm.
Did not have a good night’s sleep last night. It could be cause my bed wasn’t made and I slept on something. It could be cause of the earlier time that I tried to goto sleep. Or it could have been the work out. Regardless, it was a very bumpy night in bed for me. Hopefully tonight I will sleep easier.
This is the second night that I have not looked at live journal or even April’s journal. Think that it is easier this time cause I am on Blurty. Even though Blurty sucks cause of all of the stupid fake celebrity journals. **sigh** Anyway….I think that this is a good thing. I can be free with my thoughts than I have been in a while. I know it is just a matter of time before somebody finds this journal. But still, I have time.
I have a dream in the midst of all the tossing and turning. I dreamt that I showed up for Tess’s wedding cause Suzanne is the maid of honor and she was going alone. So I had to basically beg Tess and Suzanne that I would be good and not ruin anything. So I sat though the wedding and afterwards, Suzanne and I were dancing and talking about the ceremony and I said something to the effect that I wanted to marry her. So we went off to a garden and I just got everything all off of my chest. I told her how much I loved her and that I wanted us to try again with our relationship. I told her how I didn’t have much and I realize how I needed to pick a direction to go with my life and that I wanted her to be there with me and that if I had a ring, I would propose to her right now, but I didn’t, all I had was my undying love for her. She said that she would think about it and we kissed. Then I left.
**sigh** Tess and Suzanne would probably KILL me if I just popped up at Tess’s wedding, so that is def. out of the question. Anyway, talked to Lesa and she gave me the usual move on, other fish in the sea. And I’m sure Angie is worried about me, that’s why she’s taking me out to see Harry Potter to get me out of the house. And maybe I’m in a “getting over the girlfriend” phase. but I don’t want to get over her.
There is this game that I used to play called Samurai Shodow 3. There was this character called Basara that was some tortured soul who came back to life to get revenge on the person that killed him and his girlfriend. Anyway, after you won a match with him (it was a fighting game, like Street Fighter) the ghost of his girlfriend would float around him. He would reach out to try to touch her, but she would disappear and he would throw his head back and scream. That’s how I feel, like her ghost is all around me and when I reach out, she disappears….
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